Education is an Endless Journey

Quote of the Day: Education is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment.

The quote of the day is education is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment. I wanted to talk about how that relates to photography. In the past, when I was attending Rochester Institute of Technology for Visual Media I studied photography. It was a great major for me because it engaged me and I loved what it was that I was doing. Now that I have graduated I feel like continuing my photography education is important. I have been learning through books and also studying online videos about photography.

My photography education most recently has been my trip to San Jose, Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and Rivas, Nicaragua. During my trip, I was able to learn lots about photography by merely taking photos of the flowers, animals, and sites I saw in Latin America. Recently I have also taken up painting plants. That to is helping my eye for photography because through painting I am learning to hone my aesthetics eye. Learning about anything art related can help you hone your photographic skills.

In my blog you can learn about how I was prepared to go to college for photography because I had taken some classes that were drawing classes through Rochester Institute of Technology when I was in high school. Then my parents had taken me to the Metropolitan Museum and the Guggenheim to see all sorts of famous artwork. Also when I worked at the Brighton Memorial Library when I was a sophomore in high school and I read a lot about the different masters of art like Monet, Manet, VanGogh, and Picasso. I also read about Escher and Bosch.

I found all these cool books about all sorts of artists and I read them. I also watched movies about art. These movies were not about photography, but they helped me form a better sense of how photographs should be framed and how you can play with light to create interesting photographs. After I graduated from undergrad at Rochester Institute of Technology I began to watch Youtube photography tutorials that allowed me to see what was possible with photography. Seeing all sorts of photography and art Youtube tutorials have helped me become more creative and has helped me become inspired. The movie that I have watched in the past are Brush with a Genius which is a Van Gogh movie, Helvetica which is a movie about the font Helvetica.

Education is not necessarily about learning specifically  just one subject. It’s about learning other subjects and that’s why when you’re a photography major you learn all sorts of other things like 2D design and fine art history. You take liberal arts because those information that you learn helps bridge you to a new information that you’ll be learning and it kind of connects with each other. When you have learned lots about photography, you can easily pose your subjects because you have a lot of artistic skills to draw from that will allow you to work easily and on point.

The movie Helvetica influenced my graphic design work. I used Helvetica for my graphic design subjects because of the lower case A Helvetica. I really liked the droplet formation inside the lower case A of Helvetica. It is very organic.

Another quote that has inspired me is, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” It’s a quote by Aristotle. When you are learning you want to be very passionate about what you are learning. The best way for me to be very passionate about learnings is by watching things that I love to watch like Cracking the Mayan Code. That movie really grabbed my attention.

It was something that I was in awe about and you know that they had created all sorts of writing from way way back when. It looks so artistic and just beautiful and how we were then able to figure out what the Mayan hieroglyphs meant later on and that whole movie just really you know lit a flame in my heart and it ended up becoming something that I always just kind of think about. I think in the future Cracking the Mayan Code will help me create something very artistic perhaps a Mayan inspired painting. I have created artwork just for fun that look a little bit like Mayan hieroglyphs. Yes, education is all a matter of building bridges of knowledge in your brain. One creative thought leads to another and you create this whole bridge and then you get to that destination.

“Learning is the eye of the mind.” When you learn you create an ability to see things better and the more you learn the better your eye is for photography or for drawing or painting or whatever. I think some day I might be able to translate what I have learned in photography, drawing, and painting classes to perhaps arranging flowers. Lots of my photography subjects in the past have been flowers and that has really gotten me into thinking about trying my hand out at being a florist.

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